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LibSBall is a library for communicating with Spaceball 2003, 3000, 3003, or 4000 FLX Six-Degree-Of-Freedom virtual reality controllers made by 3Dconnexion.

The Spaceball allows you to move and rotate in any direction simultaneously. The device connects to your machine via a standard RS-232 serial interface. LibSBall can be used along with OpenGL or other real-time graphics APIs to write virtual reality software, games, or other applications. The Spaceball provides high resolution translational and rotational information, suitable for even the most demanding tasks. The Spaceball has either 3 or 9 general purpose buttons (depending on the model), all of which can be read by an application using LibSBall.

The current release version of LibSBall is 0.1. LibSBall has been used successfully on Sun Solaris 2.[56], SGI IRIX 6.2, OpenBSD, and Linux.

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